!!WARNING!! – The contents of this page are quite gruesome.   Proceed at your own risk.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no Grizzly Man death video.  During the bear attack that killed Timothy Treadwell on the 5th of October, 2003 a 6 minute recording was made from his camera however the lens cap was on so no video was captured, only audio.

The camera was recovered and the found footage of the Grizzly Man’s death was given to a close friend of Treadwell (Jewel Palovak) who has said she will never listen to it.  She has allowed others to listen to it though.

A 1 minute 51 second clip from the real Grizzly Man death video was rumored to be leaked and began showing up on YouTube and other media outlets.  The below audio is the most popular although it’s authenticity is hotly debated.

The general consensus is this is a fake and the real audio of the Grizzly attack that killed Treadwell and  Huguenard is still unpublished.


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